If you could climb a mountain and speak to a guru who would tell you of future trends in the staffing industry, who could advise you as to whether your firm was really operating efficiently, who could inform you of best practices that would enhance your firm’s business prospects — you’d climb that mountain, wouldn’t you?

Of course, you would. As it happens, however, there is no need to go to such extremes. The entire purpose of SIA’s recently launched annual Staffing Company Survey is to acquire just that kind of knowledge, and to freely share it with those who participate in the survey. Yes, that’s right, just take part in the survey yourself and you will receive the results.

Is remote work here to stay, and if so to what degree and in what segments? How common is it for temps to ghost an assignment, to quit early, get fired, have the assignment extended, or convert to perm? How much are other staffing firms charging for direct hire fees? Which marketing and sales tactics are most effective? Are online platforms the future? That’s just a portion of what this survey will reveal to those who participate.

As an extra incentive, participation enters you into a raffle for a $1,000 Grand Prize for you or your favorite charity. Yes, wisdom, a chance at fortune, and our gratitude are just one click away. Be sure to participate before July 18th, when the survey closes.

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