We live in a world with more than 4,300 religions and around 6,500 languages. Every individual has a diverse nature, physique and mentality. Nature has created us in a way that promotes diversity.

Similarly, diversity in our daily lives, especially in the workplace, can be an effective tool to help achieve organizational and individual prosperity and growth. Diversity and inclusion incorporate beautiful cultures and creative learning within the working environment in the organization.

A look at workforce diversity

When we talk about workplace diversity, it’s about having employees from different cultures, religions and regions in your organization. This can result in various benefits in organizational development. Let’s have a quick look at some of the benefits that diversity provides to an organization.

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Varied perspectives. Having people from different cast, cultures, nature, races, and countries ensures a variety of perspectives in the organization. It means that your employees will have different backgrounds showcasing various characteristics they possess. As time passes, you will observe a variety of skills, experience, and various working procedures followed by different employees.

Collectively, it will help you analyze different working processes and identify the best way for better working as diversity boosts productivity. It will also help you while planning and executing business strategies.

Increased creativity. Let’s understand it with a simple example. While it is a six for me, at the same time, it’s a nine for you.

It is obvious that if different people from different backgrounds will have a look at a similar thing, they will have different thoughts, ideas and understanding about it. This will result in creative thinking and multiple ideas for a single project.

Higher innovation. Since diversity has a greater impact on the provision of different perspectives and creativity, it also offers new doors of innovation. According to research conducted by Josh Bersin, companies having inclusive approaches and diversified environments are 1.7 times more likely to be the leaders of innovation in their respective markets.

Since employees are exposed to numerous thoughts, ideas, perspectives, characters, and views in a diverse organization, they collectively find innovative ways to resolve problems and face hurdles.

Quick solutions for problems. According to research conducted by Harvard Business Review, diverse teams can find quick solutions and are more productive.

The reason behind faster problem-solving is the diversity of views and experience that employees from different backgrounds provide to a team or an organization like Crowd Writer. They provide various solutions to problems, resulting in faster and better solutions.

Improved decision-making. Workplace diversity leads to better and more suitable decisions. We can simply observe it in our daily routines. When making a decision, if we communicate with friends and family, we can have a better perspective for making a clear and precise decision.

Cloverpop has found that decision-making is directly proportional to workplace diversity. According to different researchers, the decisions made by diverse teams can outperform the decisions of individuals up to 87% of the time.

It is obvious that when you have diversity in the organization and your team, you can have multiple opinions based on various experiences from your team members. It will result in better decision-making and improved results.

In my next post, I will explore more ways that a diverse workforce is beneficial to an organization.

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