It can be hard to course-correct once you’re on a particular career path, but the pandemic is triggering millions of Americans to do just that. Nearly 2 in 5 knowledge workers globally are changing or considering new careers.

So, what about you? Itching to get out from behind your desk? Or maybe you’re ready to get out of customer service? Or did the pandemic make the decision for you? Whatever your motivations, here are the questions to ask yourself to build the career you love.

What makes me happy?

You might not be doing what you always dreamt of doing, but are you on the right track? Start by examining your current job and the things that make you happy outside of work. Is there a way you can steer them closer together? Focusing on the parts of your job that you enjoy will help you narrow down what you want to achieve in your career.

Who could I talk to?

Are you truly stuck in a rut at work? Or is your current job helping you build your skills and connect with the right people? It helps to talk to people whose career paths you admire. They can give you an inside look at their day-to-day and give you advice on next steps you should take.

Should I join a growing industry?

While the pandemic decimated some industries, others simply can’t find enough workers. For example, 9 of the fastest-growing jobs in America are in healthcare, while demand for ‘green jobs’ like wind turbine technicians and solar panel installers is soaring. There’s a labor crunch in the tech sector, too. Changing careers can be challenging, so moving to an in-demand or high-paying role can make the hard work worth it.

What types of skills do I have?

Every employer who is hiring is trying to solve a problem. And the most convincing candidates show how they’re the solution to that problem. Take an inventory of your skills – including those that might not seem relevant at first. Don’t discredit experiences that aren’t an exact fit with your target role. And remember, soft skills – traits that speak to your character – are increasingly valued today. They’re what separate us from the bots. So be your own best advocate and show how you’re a great-to-work with kind of person.

Am I missing other important skills?

The opportunities are endless for people who are willing to pivot to fast-growing sectors, but don’t worry if some may require experience you don’t have yet. Our Aspire Academy offers free access to re-skilling and upskilling programs, including blueprint reading, machining, administrative skills, and management.

Can I test drive a new career?

All of these are clues as to the work you should be doing. Write them down, look for patterns, and pivot your career goals accordingly. Be sure to consider taking on a temporary assignment in your target sector. Not only will you gain relevant experience and network, but you can give it a trial run before committing to the long haul.

At Adecco, we believe there’s a great job for everyone. We’ve got your back when you decide to transition into a role that you love. Explore job openings in your area, or reach out to your local branch to learn more.

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