Sometimes, no matter how much we try as leaders, we can get STUCK. Stuck in a personal rut; stuck with a strategy that is not working or not producing results fast enough; stuck with a team member that is performing below par; stuck in a difficult client relationship; stuck with a challenging relationship with a boss – you name it – it happens.

Here are some tactics to try if you feel yourself or someone on your team is trapped in the same cycle or “stuck”:

  • Assess what is working | what is not | reflect on this information.
  • Change your approach – try a new way to get your message across.
  • Put yourself in your stakeholders’ shoes – figure out the outcome they need – or better yet ask them!
  • Take a break from the situation.
  • Bow out of the situation if you feel you are the roadblock and give responsibility over to someone else on your team.
  • Focus on the areas that are really working for you.
  • Do not feel pressure to make a decision, a delay sometimes means it is simply not the right time to act.
  • Call a mentor/coach.
  • If appropriate, talk it through with your team.
  • Gather more intelligence – more diverse opinions.
  • Change up your schedule – do things in a different order.

TAKE A BREAK and if you can, get a change of scenery. Often a simple change of your physical area can do the trick.

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