If there is any positive byproduct of the pandemic, it is the increased need to understand and focus on mental health – especially within the workplace. The past year and a half has seen workers cycle through remote, hybrid and in-office work decisions, long hours and a constant anxiety about their overall health. Employers are realizing their responsibility in offering both digital and in-person healthcare solutions that go beyond a prescription or routine check-up in the physical and mental well-being of their members.

In fact, due to the slow recovery from Covid-19, a greater percentage of businesses plan to increase telehealth (42%), health benefits (41%) and mental health/well-being services (38%) in the next 12 months. As open enrollment approaches, employers cannot afford to ignore the growing demand for mental health support.

Driven by the spike in cases due to the pandemic, there are now new, innovative health tech platforms that are making it easier for employers to help their workers get the support they need to better acknowledge and manage their mental health. These flexible platforms serve as digital front doors designed to equip businesses with easy access to a curated network of the best-in-class lifestyle and health improvement programs for their employees.

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Today, many organizations are incorporating these digital health solutions into their benefits plans, proactively supporting their employees’ psychological well-being with holistic programs and health management solutions that provide greater choice in treatment options.

Through the right digital healthcare platform solution, employers can ensure their team members are receiving the best quality care for their specific health needs. These platforms are capable of providing a variety of quality healthcare options to fit a worker’s individual needs. Also, the focus on an employee’s mental health and well-being allows them to take advantage of sponsored programs that encourage overall wellness instead of a one-size-fits-all solution.

Employers should choose a platform that cares for the whole person and connects mental health with physical health. Below are some examples of the kinds of mental health condition program packages available for today’s remote and hybrid work forces:

  • Loneliness and Isolation: Solutions motivate members to make social connections through an assortment of virtual and in-person classes and peer groups. This can be especially helpful for remote workers.
  • Anxiety and Depression: Programs specifically designed for adults are available to address post-Covid anxiety and depression. This is typically performed through cognitive behavioral therapy to promote mindfulness. Additionally, it helps workers struggling with issues that aggravate these symptoms, like sleep deprivation and stress – both common during the pandemic.

Amid the ongoing pandemic, which seems to create new challenges at every turn, choices are vital to ensure employees have access to best-in-class programs to support their evolving health needs. Fortunately, today’s digital healthcare solutions platforms bring together robust, agile offerings that expand as health needs change.

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