Top tech talent is highly sought-after and applicants often have a lot of options when they’re looking for their next employer or project. To hire the right people with the skills and expertise that your business needs, you need to make sure you stand out from the competition.

Here are four ways to do just that.

Focus on creating the right culture. Top tech applicants want to work for exciting companies that value and support their staff, so focus on establishing and growing the right company culture to appeal to the best applicants.

That means encouraging new ideas, contributions, and creative ideas, inspiring your team and engaging everyone with the business. The best tech applicants want to be able to make a difference and be provided with the opportunity to put their skills and experience to the test.

You want to hire experts that are going to develop and expand your business, not just carry on doing what you’ve always done. This means you need to provide opportunities for your team to test out their ideas and provide a space for them to suggest new and innovative approaches.

Stay up to date with the tech industry. You can’t expect top tech applicants to work with outdated computers, software, or equipment. Not only will they be more interested in companies with the latest tech because it’s something that they’re engaged with and excited to try out, but up-to-date equipment will also ensure that they can do their job well and keep up with industry standards.

While you might not be able to stretch your budget to updating your tech every few months, you need to make sure that your systems and equipment are relatively up to date and as high spec as possible.

To keep up, follow relevant tech blogs such as TechRepublic, to keep up to date with the industry, updates and new releases.

You also need to demonstrate that you’re on board with current tech throughout the recruitment and hiring process. Make sure your hiring process is online: Be flexible with video interviews, online assessments, provide digital copies of documents, and use HR software to streamline the hiring and onboarding process.

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Provide tailored training and development opportunities. Offering the resources and support for your employees to pursue training opportunities and progress in their careers is essential. But you need to ensure you have a structure in place that provides highly relevant training that can be tailored to each individual.

Instead of offering generic training programs, create your own bespoke courses that enable your employees to stay up to date with the latest skills, best practices and technology. There are plenty of easy-to-use online course platforms to choose from, but you can take a look at Learning Revolution for useful insights to help narrow your field of choices. Alongside your in-house training, you can offer reimbursement or support for external training opportunities.

Offer a flexible work environment. Another essential part of appealing to top tech applicants is offering a flexible working environment that can be tailored to what they need. When you’re hiring people with a lot of talent and experience, they want to feel like they have the freedom to work in the way that suits them. You don’t need to be monitoring every aspect of their day.

Be as flexible as you can on working hours and location; requiring everyone to come into an office Monday through Friday will put off some of the best candidates, especially now that the world has gotten a taste of long-term remote work. Plus, if you can offer full-time or at least part-time remote working then you’ll be able to attract more applicants from further away.

Benefits and compensation should also be tailored to individuals. Every applicant is going to have slightly different priorities, and you’ll be able to set your business apart by offering benefits that are actually valuable to each person.

To make your business appealing to top tech applicants you need to create an innovative and engaging workplace that’s up to date with the latest tech and industry trends. Follow these four tips and your business will stand out from the competition as an exciting opportunity for tech applicants.

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