As the owner of a staffing agency, you do all you can to promote business growth. You hire experienced staff, place qualified talent with the right customers, and make sure your invoices and bills get paid on time. Just as important, you pay attention to your customers’ changing needs and make sure your staffing agency is able to fill them. As a result, your agency evolves along with your customers. This increases your odds of staying competitive and maintaining long-term success.

Here are three proven methods to future-proof your staffing agency:

Build and maintain your customer pipeline. Continue to bring in prospects from every step of your sales process. Be sure to set aside time each week to follow up and move them closer to conversion. Additionally, optimize your marketing channels to reach your target accounts and generate leads. This includes investing a reasonable amount in your content and demand generation programs. For instance, you may run ads on social media and Google that are highly targeted to your ideal customer persona.

Use opportunity data. Pay attention to signals that a company may need to hire soon. Employee departures, funding, layoffs, open positions, leadership changes, product launches, and mergers and acquisitions are signs of potential hiring opportunities. The same goes for new hires, company awards, earnings reports, partnerships, initial public offerings and promotions. Depending on budgets and priorities, these companies may be in need of your staffing services. After all, businesses experiencing growth need the right talent in place to reach their objectives. Be sure to develop a strong relationship with each organization’s decision-makers to proactively talk about potential job orders.

Showcase customer testimonials. Include customer testimonials on your website and in emails to prospects. The testimonials provide proof that your staffing services are effective. Because prospects regularly hear pitches about how valuable a firm’s services are and how trustworthy the agency is, prospects are more inclined to believe and act on information that your customers share. Hearing about customer experiences brings to life the value your staffing agency provides. As a result, prospects are better able to visualize themselves using your services and finding success. So, ask your best customers to write or record video testimonials about your agency. Ask your customers to show prospects why they are pleased with the quality and value of your staffing services. Connecting on a deeper level builds trust and credibility, which encourages prospects to do business with you. They can see how you solved a problem or overcame a pain point for another company and can do the same for them.

My clients have been successfully future-proofing their staffing companies by maintaining their pipeline in their ATS/CRM. They stay up to date on all changes happening in their industries and with their customers so they can proactively anticipate customer needs. Don’t underestimate the power of customer and employee testimonials and use the testimonials on all of your marketing platforms. What other steps have you found to be successful in future proofing your business?

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