Looking for people to work in your organization can be very demanding but at the same time, it is important. Finding time to recruit people when you’re busy running the business is a challenge faced by many CEOs and founders and thanks to the evolution of technology recruitment processes have been made easier. Many recruiters have experienced business or sales boosts over the years that they forget to pay attention to the need to hire competent helping hands which would help balance business growth and development. However, If you can not find time to post vacancies in your organization because of your busy work schedule, you are not alone. Below are some methods to help you hire efficiently.

1. Utilize mobile recruitment. Mobile recruitment is one of the most utilized and effective recruitment tools imaginable. The world has gone digital and every business and individuals now crave online visibility. It would, however, be smart to begin your online journey by taking your recruitment to the online space. Using mobile recruitment applications like Upwork or Fiverr can help you hire like a professional. With the mentioned apps, you can describe the kind of employee you want in your job description; you also have the liberty to screen every application before selection. It’s as easy as that.

2. Look into your organization for talent. Most times, the treasure we seek is right in front of us but we do not realize it. You might have the right talent already working within your organization but you wouldn’t realize it because you have a tight schedule. It would help if you take a break and examine your organization for talents before going outside to fill the position. This would even be more effective because your employees already understand the statutes of the organization and they know what it looks like to work in your firm. Scan outstanding individuals in your firm and see if they are a good fit for the vacant position. If they fit the position then you have nothing to worry about since they’ve already proven to be a good fit for your organization.

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3. Outsource to freelancers. A freelancer is a person who is not officially employed in an organization but provides services for the organization and several other organizations. Using the first method, you can easily get a competent freelance worker to take over the role you seek. This would only work in cases where you don’t need to see the employee physically before they can get your work done. There are different freelance workers for diverse roles like graphic designs, copywriting, content writing, editing, etc. When hiring a freelancer, ensure to screen them properly and see that they fit the role perfectly. Ask for their portfolio and carefully examine their competence in order not to have issues in the long run. Be careful in the roles you choose to fill with a freelancer, however, because a finding of worker misclassification can bring a high cost.

4. Engage a staffing firm. Because a staffing firm is the employer of record for its assigned staff, it assumes legal employment responsibilities for the workers. Most administrative and legal obligations of these workers are shifted to the EOR. Functions like compliance and classification, HR administration, payroll, and many aspects of employee on- and offboarding are no longer your responsibility. Your talent pool can widen with a staffing firm as well, assuming you work with one that does business in other states and you’re open to allowing remote work; it would be the staffing provider’s responsibility to keep up with the laws of the states the talent is located in. The same can be true of using a staffing firm for workers overseas. In this case, you can focus on your busy schedule while the third party takes care of employment and paperwork.

5. Offer a bonus. Offering a bonus is a more efficient way to secure a talented candidate faster. A new candidate is more likely to accept your offer when it is something they can not find anywhere else. A bonus is also a way to persuade the employee about your company. It is necessary to understand that you are only offering the bonus because you need an employee to fill up some strategic position as fast as possible; you don’t have to always offer bonuses whenever you’re hiring.

Every CEO wishes to experience a business or sales boost that would keep them busy but despite busy schedules, it is important to have hands available to foster further growth and development. The listed solutions are not always guaranteed. However, you can select the ones that work best for your firm. Also, don’t forget to try out other ideas available to you.

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